What is Miracle Coaching?

Liz has made me feel excited about life again, and I’m working towards my goals everyday. I have so much confidence in myself and my abilities now…   C.Warburton

Are you the happiest you could be? Do you feel like you are flourishing in life and enjoying the ride?

If your answer is “No”, then you are missing out!

A new human story is emerging, all the latest science is showing us that we are far more powerful than we previously realised.

I am energy, you are energy, your phone is energy, that chair and table are energy, your thoughts are energy. Everything is made up of particles of energy that are simply vibrating at different speeds. The speed they are vibrating at determines how those things appear to us. If something is vibrating too fast for us to see it, it is simply not dense enough for our 3D vision to pick up and so we can’t perceive it with the naked eye.

Think about how many things you can’t actually see, but you still know they are there.  Radio waves, ultra-violet light,  the air we breathe, gravity.  And what about the things that we can’t measure (scientifically) but we still know they are real.  Feelings like love, joy, peace. We can’t see or measure these feelings but no-one denies they exist.

What if I told you that your experience of reality is completely your choice?

This is not an exercise in self blame (which would be completely pointless – so please step away from anything that resembles beating yourself up!) but I want you to know and to understand that you have the power to choose and create your own reality. What we focus on naturally expands – so be mindful about where you choose to focus your attention!

How we want to FEEL is ultimately what leads us to our experiences / where choose to live / our purchases / friends / relationships, etc.  Once we are clear about the feelings that are important to us, then we can choose how to live in accordance with those things and we will be far more easily fulfilled.

Our feelings are magnetic. This is the law of attraction. So, if you want to feel MORE of a particular feeling, then the best thing to do is something that you know already will create that feeling in you. For example, if your finances are a bit low, instead of saying things like “I’m broke” “I can’t afford it” etc (which will frustratingly create more of that feeling of lack) – treat yourself to something nice instead!

You don’t need to spend loads of money, but do something that feels abundant. Even if it’s simply treating yourself to a nice coffee, or some luxury bubble bath. Then you will raise your vibration to that feeling of abundance and more things (situations, people, experiences) that resonate at that vibration will be attracted into your experience and your situation will improve. Often quite dramatically! Remember that you can’t see everything that’s going on around you – there is a whole web of energy around us, connecting all of us to each other and to everything that exists!

Our feelings are like magnets and constantly attract more of the same.

The reason we can often feel “stuck” in life, and like we make a bit of progress but then end up back at the start again, is because we are constantly repeating the same subconscious patterns. We are unwittingly sabotaging ourselves.

If there is a belief in our subconscious mind (our strongest protection mechanism) that we are not good enough, not clever enough, or that we will fail, etc… then this becomes our reality. We often hold ourselves back, unintentionally, because of the fears lurking in our subconscious. Even the fear of success itself can stop us from succeeding.

Your subconscious will always try to protect you, so if it thinks a certain course of action is “unsafe” in any way (even if it’s just that you are worried about how others will perceive you) then you will keep tripping yourself up.

Does this sound familiar to you? It did for me too, until I realised what was going on!

All that needs to happen is for those outdated beliefs to be released (which can be done very easily with my Miracle Coaching techniques) and then your dream job, partner, life, can flow easily towards you, without you blocking those things any more.

 ‘If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.’ Eckhart Tolle

Life really can become a more magical adventure by the day. You can move from scarcity to abundance, creation instead of powerlessness, joy instead of emotional pain.

Get in touch today and see your own life transform miraculously before your eyes! It’s what all of my clients say – and it could just as easily be you saying this too!