Joanna Lloyd-Fisher

“I have recently finished a fantastic 3 month Miracle Coaching course with Liz and all I can say is wow! Liz worked with me through some very deep seated and challenging anxieties that were truly holding me back from my full potential. To be free from those feelings now is truly a liberation. I feel so much lighter and everything is clearer! Alongside this Liz helped me in making significant lifestyle changes that I knew were affecting my general health and wellbeing. A month after completing the course I really feel that with Liz’s help, I have turned a massive corner in my life and can face any challenge now. Thank you Liz!”

Toby Solman

“I was a little dubious of any sort of counselling/motivational session as I had been all my life but Liz made me feel very comfortable as she eased me into the session. Her technique was one that I didn’t have time for my mind to wander as she channeled my thoughts into the route of all of my troubles, in this short time we had together Liz had managed to unlock years and years of confusion in just an hour. It was really quite remarkable, I was left feeling lighter and enlightened. Liz is clearly a very amazing and very dedicated person to her profession. I have absolutely no doubt that she is one of the best in her field and I’d recommend her to anyone and everyone as she worked wonders for me. I’d rate her 20/10 in all aspects of the session.”

Amalia Cole McGavin

“My coaching session with Liz was great.  I loved the process of it, and found that it was deeper than I expected, so it had more meaning for me. I loved that I came away with a clear visual of what I want, because that makes the goal more tangible. I really appreciate the time Liz took to work with me… What a gem!”

Jeanne Harris

“I had a session with Liz today and she very skilfully elicited the most profound insights for me, into what might hold me back from achieving my best possible life. And I consider myself to be pretty self-aware. I really can’t recommend her highly enough to you all. Say goodbye to self-limiting beliefs and learn to dream big!”

Faith Windsor

“Wow, wow, wow… feeling literally on top of the world after an amazing Miracle Coaching session with the gorgeous Liz Davies. When you understand that life is a CHOICE and I am in control of choosing then frankly nothing is going to get in my way.  Knowing I’m only a few tweaks off living my ideal life is pretty damn awesome too. Watch out universe you’ve a whole lot coming your way!”

Sharon Deimantas

“I have just completed a course with Liz. I cannot thank her enough. I have been left feeling reenergised, more positive than ever and have let go of so much emotional baggage that I have carried for decades. I will always be grateful to have met Liz and be thankful that I completed a Miracle Coaching course.”

Elizabeth Danon

“I had a complimentary 2 hour taster sessions from the amazing Liz Davies Miracle Coach! Have a taste and you’ll want more. Since then I’ve had a combination of hypnotherapy, EFT and amazing support from Liz throughout – she knows exactly the right formula to help you as an individual.  Liz has helped me transform both my personal and professional life on a daily basis to be my best self and enjoy every single moment. I can’t recommend her highly enough”

Chloe Peacock

“Let me describe it backward. I think the main things I got out of my session were retrieving some fond hopes and the power of daydream, realising I need to listen to my heart more, and connect with the more instinctive and spontaneous side of myself I’d buried in pursuit of pleasing other people and paying the bills. And you know what else? I felt really happy and energized after my session. All this in a couple of hours!” (full blog post here: do you believe in miracles?)

Tinu David

“She is a MIRACLE COACH for a reason. You have to have a session with her to know what I mean. . . I have had a session with her and just having the one session with her changed me in a big way. I have now signed up with her, and I can’t wait to start. I am a coach myself and coaches coach each other – we are not all complete.  Liz Davies the Miracle Coach is a lady I would definitely recommend to you.”

Jessica Valentine

“I have just recently had a session with Liz and let me tell you… WOW!!! I already feel positive, more cleared, happier and more free. Our session was a bit emotional, but I have made a lot of positive choices and steps forward. So, thanking you Liz! And, I am looking forward to our next session next week!!!”

Charlotte Raphael

“I have had a couple of sessions with Liz now and can highly recommend her! Using EFT Liz has helped me to shift emotional blocks I have had since childhood. Liz really does work miracles! “

Chloe Warburton

After 6 sessions with Liz I got over my fears of being around children and turbulence on flights. I now also relate to myself differently, I have so much confidence in myself and my abilities as a seamstress.  This led me to getting a job I actually want, after 7 years of soul destroying retail work.  Liz has made me feel excited about life again, and I’m working towards my goals everyday. I can’t thank her enough for what she’s helped me so far in achieving. I will definitely be continuing one to ones with her!

Sanya Budna

“I feel propelled out of my shoes in the best possible way, thanks to yesterday’s miracle coaching session with Liz. Today I can say that the tools Liz provided me with have already proven to be life changing. I am feeling excited and deeply grateful.


Becca Drury

“I first heard about Liz through a mutual friend. She was highly recommended to me and I felt it was divine timing. I was feeling pretty stuck. My life was ok, no big issues but lots of confusion and a sense of not being able to move forward. After my first free consultation with Liz, I felt we had clarified a lot of things. I felt excited about my future for the first time in ages. 

During our sessions, Liz expertly got to the root of my issues. Her expertise and experience in counselling, hypnotherapy and EFT all fuse together to create a very simple but incredibly effective solution to removing blocks. 

Liz is very organised too which I value a lot as I have a very busy schedule. 
Since we began, I have an interview at Brighton Uni coming up for a course I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve made key decisions in my social life and career path. I have also forgotten how hurt I was feeling over a few situations that were holding me back.  Since my sessions with Liz those feelings have been totally released!
There has been some gargantuan shifts this year already. I firmly believe it’s  because of the work I did with Liz. 
I did six sessions and my life has become my best yet. 
Highly recommended “

Beth Leese

In just one session (of EFT) with Liz, I came away feeling that together we’d achieved something quite miraculous. Something very deeply-felt (the roots of which were long forgotten) had been governing my responses in certain situations and holding me back – and together we cleared and released it.  Liz is professional and expert and immediately inspires trust, but what is really brilliant about her approach, is that while you might be working on something that feels quite buried and therefore quite intense, she holds it all so lightly with you. I actually had fun in our session, and since then I genuinely feel happier and more in control. I can’t recommend Liz highly enough”


“I’ve been a heavy smoker for many years and have tried several things to try and give up, with no effect. I’ve been in hospital with collapsed lungs and the prognosis is not good for my health. 

I heard about Liz through a friend and decided it was my only option left and decided to try. I was very dubious and didn’t really believe hypnotherapy could work for me. I am also very strong minded and stubborn and did not believe there could be any effect.

I met Liz for an initial assessment and came out feeling quite positive but still dubious. The next day I had the hypnotherapy session with her and I cant explain what’s happened. I feel like I’ve never smoked, I have no desire to smoke, the smell of smoke is overpowering and I can’t stand it.

I’ve been 4 days now and it’s still very strange, I feel like I’ve never smoked! I’ve been stressed out and I don’t even think about having a cigarette. I can’t thank Liz enough. She’s just like magic and I can’t believe that she has managed to help someone like me.

I will recommend Liz to anyone, she really is amazing. I can’t thank her enough.”

Marianne Eliza

“Thank you so much for everything Liz. The EFT that we used in our sessions and the techniques that you taught me are amazing, I can’t believe how well it all worked. I’m still feeling all the good feelings: relief, freedom, joy and peace that we focussed on during our few sessions 💖 I can highly recommend this to anyone!”

Steph Callard

“I went to an all girls school and believed that there was absolutely nothing cool about me. I started smoking so that I would be accepted by some of the popular girls and I’ve smoked on and off for 20 years.I had, for some time, been experiencing tangible fear at the likely repercussions to my health later in life, but my addiction to nicotine had forced me to shrug it off several times. Eventually though, I couldn’t ignore how afraid I was becoming and desperately wanted to stop so I arranged to see Liz. I had a cigarette before Liz came over and when she left I thought “oh ill have a- oh… no I won’t.” I had cravings here and there as the nicotine was leaving my body, but going through the motions in my head of getting the cigarette, putting it to my mouth, lighting it and inhaling was, quite honestly, repulsive. The idea would pop in my head and then it was like ‘oh no….no way.’

I honestly wouldn’t have believed it could work so well, but it actually has. I even had a bit of a cigarette on New Years Eve (a somewhat unexpected relapse and loss of focus after several drinks) and it tasted absolutely foul!! I had 2 drags and put it out because it felt like the most foreign and repulsive thing in the world to be doing. It felt like it was the first time I’d ever done it and I was utterly disgusted by it. As long as some part of you wants to stop for good, Liz can help you. It has to be said, the hypnotherapy was absolutely life-changing and I recommend Liz highly to anyone.Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️”

Rebecca Kaye

“My story (in short): I was 12 years old, I move from one big town to another, change school, don’t know anyone, it’s all a bit scary. The big girls in the year above me aren’t very friendly. One day they see me with a cigarette in my hand (trying to look cool, not actually smoking it). They laugh. Tell me I’m stupid, that I’m not REALLY smoking … you know what’s coming next. I took my first puff, almost vomited and was subsequently addicted to nicotine for the next 35 years. In fact, for 35 years me and nicotine were the bestest of friends – only the relationship started to get a bit abusive.
About 4 months ago (feeling quite desperate as, despite trying to stop over and over, feeling very clearly the devastating effects of nicotine on my body and mind and being a therapist myself (!) helping others, I just couldn’t seem to help myself with this one) I met Liz for a smoking cessation session. The results have been nothing short of awesome and miraculous.
It has felt a little like my brain has been re-wired. I’m not smoking. I’m loving myself better. My life is shifting and changing. That awful nagging anxiety in the back of my mind that I’m hurting myself by smoking has gone.
If anyone is considering kicking the nicotine and is looking for some support I cannot recommend Liz Davies highly enough.
You have helped me save my life. Thank you xxxxx”

Rachel Trowsdale

“I did it!, I did it!, I did it!….I can’t believe I finally overcame my fear of flying..thank you so much Liz. Just those 2 EFT sessions and I was like a different person…no anxiety or build up days before the flight or panicky feelings getting on the plane, gripping the seat during take off and even when there was turbulence (my main fear) I was fine!! If anything I just found the flight boring 😂..I cannot thank u enough. I can’t wait to start exploring other parts of the world now. It sounds dramatic, but u really have changed my life! 🌍💕”

Emma Brown

“I was lucky enough to win a prize of a Miracle Coaching and block clearing session with Liz, and wanted to tell you about how amazing it was. The best prize I’ve ever won in fact.

I’ve had persistent, cyclical, unkind thoughts about myself since I was about 12 and try as I might, I couldn’t get rid of them completely. Soooo many wasted hours saying and feeling horrible things about myself, with knock on effects in other areas of my life.

Liz helped me to access where these thoughts and feelings had come from, enabled me to ditch them and replace them with positive feelings about myself. HOW GOOD IS THAT?!

Thank you so much Liz for helping me break the habit. I’m really excited to see the knock on effects of this amazing prize…”