My story

I have just completed a course with Liz. I cannot thank her enough. I have been left feeling re-energised, more positive than ever and have let go of so much emotional baggage that I have carried for decades     –  S. Deimantas

As far back as I can remember I’ve always felt a sense of connection to the world around me.  A sense of positivity and joy about what can be possible and how much fun it is to be alive in this world.   I remember being a little girl on the swing in my garden daydreaming about how exciting it would be when I was a “grown up” and do all the fun things in the world that I couldn’t yet do, as a child. I always saw life as an adventure.

I spent a lot of time enjoying the present moment and can’t remember ever really worrying about anything. I now understand this as the practice of “mindfulness”! I guess I was naturally ‘mindful’, right from the start. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve certainly still had my challenges – I was sometimes bullied because of my disposition itself – looking back I think some people just wanted to get a ‘rise’ out of me! But I always had a feeling, deep down, that things would work out for the best – no matter what – and this has helped me out in so many situations through my life!  

Then a teacher at my secondary school said during an assembly talk that worrying was a waste of time – that if you can do something about your difficulty, then DO THAT – and if you literally can’t do anything about it right now – then why waste your time worrying? I loved this! Suddenly I had ‘proof’ that worrying was not a helpful activity in any way. I was right!

When I was in my early teens I had to write my personal statement for my “record of achievement”.

I wrote:

“when I grow up I want to be a counsellor, or someone who helps people feel better about themselves”

That’s what I wanted to do, for as long as I can remember. I always enjoyed talking to people, listening to their stories, and helping people to move through their challenges in the easiest way possible.

I saw the world quite simply – that there are all these fun and exciting things for us to do (and that even the not-so-fun stuff can be made to feel much lighter if we allow it to be) and I had a natural ability to see the good – and the best – in all people and all situations.  One way of looking at this is that life is happening “for us” as opposed to “to us”.  Our challenges help us to learn and to grow, if only we take the right approach to them. I always trusted that things would be ok and to be honest, this way of being has benefitted me hugely.

Fast forward to now – I’m in my 40’s – and I can see that joyful little girl is still very much alive in me, but now I understand what I knew in my heart more logically and intellectually.

After leaving Keele University in 1998, upon completing my BA in Philosophy and Sociology, I lived in Sydney, Australia for a couple of years. I loved it in Sydney so much and I had an absolute ball! The only thing niggling me was that I really wanted to do more meaningful work but I had this notion that I couldn’t be a counsellor until I got older and more ‘worldly wise’.  I felt like I was kind of ‘killing time’ until I could be what I really wanted to be! That just didn’t feel right.

I remember feeling that I was very happy and enjoying my life a lot but that I wanted to do something more significant with my working life.  I was working as a PA in a bank at the time. I really liked my colleagues and it paid the bills but the work itself didn’t make my heart sing.

I happened to be looking around a big old church with my friend (I am not religious in the slightest but still quite enjoy the peaceful, hopeful nature of the energy in a church) and so I lit a candle and

“I asked in my mind to be guided in the right direction”

I did believe in the possibility of guardian angels or a bigger force than us existing out there somewhere, but religion felt quite rule-based and almost fear-instilling, so it was never for me. After asking for help to be guided in the right direction, I promptly forgot all about what I asked for and went home for the evening.

That night as I was watching Big Brother with fascination (the first ever series in Australia) I suddenly got hit with an epiphany! I realised that I could help people psychologically even in my 20’s! Not all people who do that kind of work are in their 60’s, I suddenly realised with a burst of joy and relief! I can do this now!

So I booked my plane ticket home (much to my Mom’s delight – she thought I was never going to come home!) and set myself off on a new trajectory.

7 years later I had completed various counselling qualifications, a BSc in Psychology (through the Open University this time) and I had been working for Social Services in the Mental Health team ever since I got back to the UK.

I had a plethora of experience in severe and enduring mental health by that stage and I learned so much from the people I supported – and my colleagues too – so I will always be grateful for that time. But I now felt a thirst for working with people who were experiencing more common mental health problems like stress, anxiety and depression. I wanted to be able to help a greater number of people and I was ready for a new challenge.

I found out about a position in the NHS called a “Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner” and instantly thought “that’s the job for me!”

I was living in the Midlands at this stage but I had fallen madly in love with Brighton and wanted desperately to move down there. Whenever I visited friends down there I would have the most glorious time. I remember feeling that all my cells and molecules felt happy as soon as I arrived in Brighton and then tears of sadness would silently roll down my face as we drove back home to the Midlands! It was time for me to move.

So when I saw a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner role advertised within the NHS which offered extra training (in Mental Health Advice work and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) I applied straight away. I felt in my heart that this was the job for me. Within a few weeks (and a lot of finger crossing and asking my guardian angels to help me) I was relocating to the seaside! I was so happy I didn’t know what to do with myself. One of the happiest moments of my life was that call from the NHS to say that they were offering me the job!

That was in 2008. I enjoyed 7 happy years in my Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner role and learned so much about tried and tested, evidence-based techniques like CBT, Mindfulness and Psycho-educational approaches. I worked one to one and also ran lots of groups.  This felt like the best fit for me so far as I really was helping lots of people to feel happier – which was my mission all along!   I started to see quite clearly that armed with the correct tools, we can all have a better experience of life. Mental health difficulties can happen to anyone – just as life happens for us all! But when we have the correct mind tools (and support from others) we can get through pretty much anything. 

By 2014 I was getting peckish for a new challenge and I had always been fascinated by hypnotherapy. A hypnotherapist at a health spa had completely wowed me a few years earlier (no, he didn’t get anyone to dance like a chicken – but my pathological fear of spiders was removed within minutes!) and I had felt ever since that this was something I wanted to train in when the time felt right.

One morning I woke up with a feeling of excitement in my system and just knew that it was time for me to look into hypnotherapy training. It was 6am on a Sunday morning and I had to jump out of bed to start looking at what courses were available! This is not something I would normally do – and definitely NEVER on a Sunday! But I trusted myself to follow my heart, as this method had always worked out for me so far.

Before I knew it, I had found the perfect course that could teach me how to do regression hypnotherapy (where you go back in time to the original root of the problem – usually childhood) and I spoke with John Butler of HTI (Hypnotherapy Training International) and that was that! I was training to become a hypnotherapist! As I sat in the classroom on the first day of the course I was filled with such a sense of anticipation and excitement. It felt like I was getting even closer to the “real me” when it came to how I was able to help people.  It felt magical – working with the subconscious – and I couldn’t wait to start practicing my new skills and helping people even more!

The subconscious is the most powerful part of us (it has a massive protective function, and is often protecting us too much!) and as soon as we tap into the power we have within ourselves, releasing redundant and out-dated protection mechanisms along the way, then anything becomes a possibility and everything is available to us! The better we know ourselves, the less we fear our own power and the more powerful we can become.

I found myself getting hungrier for skills that enabled me to work with the subconscious and to help people understand themselves better, and to make more significant shifts than ever before – and I then discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and to be honest I was even more blown away! Wow!

I witnessed years of negative emotions literally being “tapped out” of people all around me during the training and then during my own work with clients.

I saw such dramatic shifts that appeared to be nothing short of miraculous. EFT has often been called the “one minute miracle”, and to see it in practice you can see why!

Using the techniques on myself (as any good therapist knows is vital!) I found both hypnotherapy and EFT to be truly transformational.

I realised that, to be really effective as a therapist, I needed to be able to work in a subconscious way too. That no amount of ‘positive self talk’ will shift deep seated feelings and beliefs (usually formed in childhood) and that the battle people most often face is with themselves.

And so, in late 2014, Synergy Wellbeing was born.

Setting up my own therapy business felt so liberating and I loved being able to be even more “me” in my work.

I realise that I had always felt a sense of dissatisfaction with the idea of working Monday – Friday, 9-5 (as someone who enjoys life thoroughly and a big advocate of balance in life it always felt unbalanced to spend 5 days working and only 2 days playing! Who made up those rules?!). So working for myself felt amazing as I could choose my own hours. Even when working within Social Services / NHS structures I found ways to make work feel more like fun.  I now see the value of that because the more we enjoy what we do, the better job we make of things.

We might not be able to choose every circumstance in our lives but we can choose how to “be” in that environment. We always have a choice.

More recently (a year ago), following a short period of feeling slightly unsettled in my personal life, craving deeper connections and more “fizz” in my everyday experience (I was very happy but had a feeling that there was more out there for me somehow) so I asked for things to unfold for me and for more wonderful things to flow effortlessly into my life.  I allowed myself to be totally open to what possibilities existed for me.

Then I got led to a lovely workshop called “The Desire Map” (eternal thanks to Danielle LaPorte – you are amazing!) where you spend time working out how you want to FEEL. Our feelings are the ultimate drivers of our behaviour (and they come from our subconscious) and once we know how we desire to feel then this gives us clarity about all areas of our life.  It was such a joyful process and before long I had figured out that I personally love to feel:  Free, Connected, Expansive, Brave and Shimmering! It was so liberating! I wrote these words out  on little pebbles from the beach and had them in my bedroom so I could see them every day. Straight away I felt clearer about what was important to me and even more inspired by life and the possibilities it held for me. Just looking at the pebbles made me feel lighter and more joyful.

I started doing more of the things I loved, like swimming in the sea, running, connecting with people and reading. I now understood that to raise our energetic vibration and to feel as happy as possible, we need to DO MORE of the things that we enjoy!

Then something really incredible happened! On an unexpected evening out in Brighton I met someone who took my breath away. A lightning bolt went through me and before I even spoke to them, I just had a really powerful feeling that this person was going to be very special to me. Real life magic, right there.

A whirlwind situation ensued where I realised I needed to make changes in my life, which included moving to a new home and starting afresh.  Suddenly I felt totally free, I felt the strongest connection I had ever felt with another human being, I was being forced to be brave, my life was being expanded in ways I had never even imagined and I was walking around feeling like I was literally shimmering! Wow.

I found myself moving to the most beautiful apartment on the seafront, and life felt very exciting indeed. My new apartment was in a spot that I had always wanted to live and I was feeling more powerful feelings of love and joy than I had previously ever thought possible.

I realised that I had asked for these shifts to happen. You know the expression “be careful what you wish for” ? Well I was experiencing that in full HD colour!

However, my working life now didn’t quite match. I felt like I had lost the love for the way I was working – it wasn’t bringing me alive in the way my personal life was – and then it hit me! I had lost the love for what I was doing because I had slipped into the “generic trap”. I was offering what I thought people wanted, to make sure that I made enough money each month.  As a hypnotherapist my bread and butter had started to become things like weight loss and smoking cessation. I still do love doing that kind of work and it can really help people a lot, but it wasn’t quite making my heart sing. Seeing people for one or two sessions and then never again felt dissatisfying. I knew that I could do more to help people transform their lives but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it.

It’s very easy to slip into a “reactive” way of being – to think that we have to ‘fit in’ to the world, to mould ourselves to fit “the market”. This stifles our creativity. Thinking that we need to be the way the world wants us to be, in order to be successful.

I’m not sure whether it was my higher vibration (feeling more joyful emotions on a more regular basis) or whether I was noticing a shift in the world around me (probably both, as like attracts like) but it started to become clear to me that I needed to be my most authentic self, in all areas of my life. I realised again that I needed to “ask”  and then release from the outcome (ie. trust that things will work out).

There was a more spiritual side to me that I had kept on the low-down, thinking that people wouldn’t take me seriously or think that I was wacky, but the fact was, these principles that I had become familiar with – about energy, vibration, like attracting like, it’s science!

I just love this quote by Arthur C. Clarke:

“Magic is just Science that we don’t understand yet”

I was experiencing dramatic shifts in my own life, and I was finding that the more I focussed on those feelings of love and joy, the more those feelings expanded. I felt like a magnet for positive experiences and I really wanted to share what I was learning with those around me too.

I learned about intention setting and how powerful this is. I realised it was something I had been doing for years but not actually realising the mechanics of it.

Shortly after all this, I set off to a networking event and as I walked along the sunny but blustery seafront I asked the Universe, or my higher self, for something magical to occur that afternoon. In asking for things, and then believing they will happen and detaching from the outcome, we open ourselves up to so much more possibility.

And so that afternoon, in a little cafe in Brighton’s Lanes, I met Dan Warburton.  Speaking to him briefly (it was a speed networking event) I saw instantly that I needed to change the way I was working. I later learned that Dan was a transformational coach! He reflected back to me (as a great coach does!) that I most enjoyed working in more creative, exciting ways with people.

That what brings me alive the most is helping people to discover and become their most magnificent selves.

As an experienced therapist I have the skills to help people discover what it is they really want, and what they need to change, and I can also coach them to turn their dreams into a reality. I have learned from personal and professional experience how this can be done!

Having a coach myself has helped me to believe firmly in the magic of coaching – and now I can see that absolutely everyone can benefit from having a coach themselves – it enables you to get so much clearer on what you want and your whole life improves!

I now use a blend of therapy (mostly the subconscious therapies like hypnotherapy and EFT),  coaching, and everyday scientific principles to motivate, inspire and encourage people to live their best possible lives.

The results are truly miraculous.

Once we get clear on what we truly desire, and release unhelpful limiting beliefs that tell us that’s not possible for us, the world literally becomes our oyster! You really can have the most wonderful relationships, a beautiful home, a fulfilling and soul-nourishing job, and feel peace and contentment within your heart.

Do you believe that?

Would you like a life like that?

It’s simply a matter of understanding and using the right tools, and continuing to implement these tools on a daily basis. When you use these tools life feels joyful and liberating and light. You can tap into your own inner power, and also connect with the magic and beauty that exists all around us. Life really can be a joyful adventure, and it’s all available to you.

I would love to show you how!

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