In the media

Liz has helped me transform both my personal and professional life on a daily basis to be my best self and enjoy every single moment…                   –  E. Danon

Are you interested to know more about how I work and how I help people to create miraculous results in their lives? Below are some links to magazine articles or blog posts written about me by a variety of people, and also some radio / video interviews with me so that you can get to know me better from the comfort of your own home:

  •  EFT has many times been described as a “one minute miracle” (it really can be that effective!) and when Journalist Helen Gilbert came to see me to try out EFT for something that had been bothering her for a long time – she experienced just that! Read about her experience here:
  •  I met up with Chloe Peacock from The League of Fabulous Women blog and took her through my Miracle Coaching complimentary session. She writes beautifully about serendipity and her experience with me here:
  • Ray A-J from G-Scene magazine was previously convinced that she would have to learn to live with her unusual phobia, and at best simply “manage” it (a popular but unhelpful belief) so I contacted her and offered her an EFT session, and to her surprise she discovered that it could be completely released! Her phobia has now completely disappeared. Read about her experience in these 2 separate articles:
  • When Tiina Mokvist, co-author of the beautiful book “Finding the song that makes your heart sing” and host of “your own kind of wonderful” podcast series, asked if I would be a guest for her podcast talking about manifestation, I jumped at the chance! Manifesting is one of my favourite subjects. Listen to us talking about why manifesting is important and some of the key steps to make manifesting work for you:
  •  Tiina Mokvist also co-hosts a youtube channel called “Illuminations with Tiina and Fi” where they explore the deeper meanings of life and talk about how to live a life filled with joy. Tiina interviewed me about “my resting state of joy” and my top tips for experiencing maximum joy whatever the circumstances! You can watch the video here:
  • Another time I was a guest on the Illuminations series, being interviewed by Fi Feehan this time – and we chat about introversion and extraversion and the difference between the two:
  • Having previously worked in the NHS I feel very passionately about services, and in particular alternative therapies, being made available to all. So I was absolutely delighted when I heard about the World Health Heroes Organisation! Their mission is to offer services to those in need, regardless of their financial situation, whilst at the same time ensuring that therapists and practitioners get paid for their time. They are a truly wonderful organisation and I’m so proud to be part of their Brighton team, but at the same time I can offer my services globally as I also work online. You can find out more about the Health Heroes here:
  • Here is a video interview recorded by Owen Morgan (founder) and Carla-Jo Geraghty, where I am talking about my personal story:
  • This video (still with Health Heroes) is more specifically about my experience and what led me to create the title Miracle Coach: