“We found that Liz took into account requirements to meet deadlines within a corporate environment and the stress this can cause. Liz covered different methods in how to reduce anxiety, including various relaxation methods, setting daily intentions and turning off social media devices. The session was beneficial in supporting employees to manage both work and daily life pressures.” 

Clare Wells, Mayo Wynne Baxter.


Why is staff wellbeing so important?

  • Stress is now the leading cause of sickness absence at work.
  • This costs over £5 billion a year in the UK (based on HSE stats for 2016/2017).
  • Work related stress costs the UK economy up to £99 billion annually as it impacts performance, increasing presentee-ism, absenteeism, a greater staff turnover and higher medical and insurance costs.
  • We carry our emotions in our bodies so even seemingly physical problems often have a psychological root.
  • Stress leads to other harmful behaviours such as unhealthy diet, high caffeine / alcohol consumption / misusing drugs and smoking.
  • A positive mental state leads to higher levels of productivity, increased creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Stress (whatever the cause) impacts on work performance and creates challenging dynamics.
  • Team work and working relationships are optimised when staff feel happy at work
  • Openness to change is enhanced when emotional wellbeing is optimised
  • Increased wellbeing leads to feelings of greater competence and resilience.


How can I help?

I offer a tailored, bespoke package for all my clients, depending on their unique needs. I can help you to create a workplace wellness strategy which will not only future-proof your staff wellbeing by creating a healthy and happy workforce – but also increase productivity, boost morale, and create a collaborative culture that has less resistance to change and works better as a team.

I also offer one to one coaching for staff,  1 -2 hour group wellbeing sessions, half day workshops or full day events.

For more information on how I can help and my corporate services please head over to the contact page.